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What You Need To Know About Cluster Headache

As you read in this article, cluster headache affect more men than women. It happens in the one side of the head that may followed by watery eye and runny nose on the same side. If you want to know more about what causing cluster headache, the symptoms, or the treatment, read the explanation below.

Cluster headache, as it name suggest, are severe, one-sided headache that happen in groups that occur over a weeks or months. It often called as the worst type of headache as the pain is so painful and you can’t do your normal activities. Cluster headache is come in cycles. Most people have one or two cluster periods each year. One cluster period might last one month or longer. And after it ends, you may not get another headache for months even years. But although so painful, cluster headache can’t cause a long-term harm.

The cause of cluster headache
It is still not known what causing cluster headache. They run in families but still not clear why some people get cluster headache while some others don’t.

The symptoms of cluster headache
1. Severe burning or sharp, piercing pains on one side of the head.
2. The pain spread from your eye and temple. You eye may become red, watery, or puffy. Drooping eyelid and a runny nose on that side may also occur.
3. The pain gets bad very fast. It get worse within 5 to 10 minutes after it starts and can last for 30 minutes or longer.

The treatment of cluster headache
Until now, there are no cure for cluster headache and you can’t do anything to prevent it. But you can take medicines to prevent more headache or reduce how many you have during a cycle. You can take this medicine every day  during the cycle. You can also take a medicine or breathing oxygen from a machine to ease the pain.  Nonprescription medicines like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen, usually don’t work for cluster headache.

When the attack starts you can:
1. Start your treatment right away, don’t wait until it get worse.
2. Do what makes you comfort. You may feel better if you walk, jog in place, sit, kneel, or stand. Lying down only make the pain worse.
Don’t forget to make a headache diary that stated when and how often the headaches happen, how severe they are, and what you think may be causing them. Showing it to the doctor will help a lot to find the right treatment for you.

The trigger of cluster headache
When you are in cycle, certain things may be more likely to cause a headache. Avoiding them is the best way to prevent headache. They are:
1. Drinking alcohol
2. Sleep problem. Go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday and don’t take naps.
3. Increases in body temperature that can cause of exercise, hot bath, or get angry.
4. Nitrates that found in wine, cured meats, aged cheese, and some medicines.
5. Histamine, seasonal allergies could trigger a headache.

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