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How To Choose The Right Vitamins

There are so many types of vitamins sold in the market, and would be very difficult to choose the most appropriate to ward off nutritional deficiency. Here are some tips from experts about how to choose the good from the bad as quoted from Yahoo Shine.

1.  Choose Reputable brands
Reputable brands usually less likely to mix formula that could be controversial or get them into trouble. In other words, famous brand has a quality guaranteed. Vitamins also will lose potency when stored over high temperature, so choose vitamins that not stored under direct sunlight. Check the expiration dates as well.

2. Few additives
Some brands can contains gluten, lactose, and other allergens, so check first if you have any allergic to this substances. Always read the ingredients list to know the coloring that has been added to the vitamin and also the preservatives used.

3. Avoid supplements that contains stimulant like caffeine
High amount of stimulant can leads to heart palpitations and effect nervous system.

4. Avoid calcium derived from oyster shells
You can read this on the label. Studies founds that these formula can sometimes contains leads.

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