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Chocolate Help a Healthy Life

Most notably, chocolate is a champion antioxidant. Antioxidants help rid the body of free radicals, nasty little molecules running amok in your body which cause aging and disease. Chocolate has always been considered bad for your health, but that is not the case. Dark chocolate is a healthy chocolate. And there are so many nutrients also that contains in chocolate. Nutritious chocolate is made of cocoa paste, cocoa butter, and sugar. The world’s largest chocolate maker said the company may have come up with a bar of chocolate that can fight wrinkles and slow the aging process, making it the food groups advanced to touch the appetite for a healthier life. Here are some pretty amazing health facts about chocolate.

1. Attack viruses and bacteria. By eating chocolate, our body can normally handle free radicals and even can create them to attack viruses and bacteria also.

2. Blood pressure. Dark chocolate has been proven in studies to lower blood pressure. But you have to balance the calories somewhere else in your diet if you eat dark chocolate.

3. Heart disease and flavanol. Dark chocolate is also a potent antioxidant because it contains flavonoids (phenolic compounds), the same as red wine. It is believed that flavonoids protect against or slow down heart disease.

4. Neutralize free radicals. Chocolate has a high cocoa antioxidant content. Antioxidants balance and neutralize free radicals in the human organism.

5. Helps smoker improves their artery function. A small study conducted in Sweden and published in the journal Heart found that if smokers eat a small amount of dark chocolate, their artery function improves within hours.

6. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Some chronic fatigue is caused by stress, long working hours, or personal problems. The feeling of well being that is produced when eating chocolate may help people with this illness.

7. Cancer. People can use all the help they can in the fight against cancer. If the flavanoids, flavanol, and antioxidants in healthy chocolate can prevent cancer, it is well worth trying it

Chocolate health benefits are really just beggining to be understood and studies medically. With the natural nutrients in it, there are many disease and ailments that can be helped by the natural ingredients in dark chocolate.

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