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Children and Cell Phone – Safe or Dangerous?

In this era, every single person seems to have mobile phones. You can easily find people who talked via mobile phones anywhere. Because children often seeing their parents and other elder having their own mobile phones, they usually ask their parents to buy them. Before you decided to buy mobile phones to your children, you better read the information below about the advantage and disadvantage of giving cellphone to children.

The advantage
1. Makes your children easy to call you or other relatives
2. Makes you easy to get in touch with them if you are away
3. You can use the mobile track facility to know where they are
4. Makes you easy to check their security after school
5. Makes the children more responsible as they will afraid of losing it
6. Will be very useful in an emergency situation like accident or stranded

The disadvantage
1. Children will spend a lot of time to calling or texting their friends
2. Instead of studying, they will likely to chat with friends, listen to music, or even browse via cellphone
3. Becomes a facility of cheating during exams
4. Suspected to cause some health problems
5. Makes children indiscipline when they carry cellphone to class
6. Causes social gap between the rich and the poor
7. Can be a facility to distribute pornography

The health issue about mobile phones
Children with the age of 16 and below have a very sensitive brain, and the radiation from cellphone can cause a brain damage. Even many expert warned that cancer in children is linked with the use of cellphone. While a study in Netherlands warned that the use of cellphone could lead to DNA damage due to radiation.

The bottom line
Teaching your children to be responsible not always be done by giving them mobile phone, but more to the parent’s behavior. Moreover, mobile phone in the hands of children is more harmful than advantageous. You have to think a hundred times before giving your children mobile phone.

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