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Chewing Gum, Trigger Burping

Chewing gum has been a human habit since prehistoric times. Burping may be reduced by eating small bites and chewing gum. Consumption of particular classes of meals contributes to extreme burping. Meals that is not processed within the abdomen will get digested inside the little intestine, because of the presence from the bacteria. Chewing gum can aggravate aerophagia also. Aerophagia is the presence of gas in the digestive system. This is mainly introduce by means of food or because of digestive problems. Chewing gum also bad for children, they could somehow swallowing their gum, and that’s bad. In addition, researchers at Gastroenterology and Nutrition in Orlando, Florida, found that ingesting gum can be a bad thing. Their study described three medical cases of children who suffered constipation, diarrhea or esophageal obstruction after swallowing chewing gum.

After all, noticed this; If you’re chewing your gum with your mouth open, you are no doubt swallowing a ton of air and that is making you burp. That’s why it’s better for you when chewing your gum, make sure that you do it with your mouth closed.

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