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Cervical Cancer Treatment

Cervical cancer is a disease that affects the cervix of the female reproductive system. Every moment, women died around the universe due to cervical cancer. Before choosing what is the best treatment for you, it is better to know its symptoms and your doctor’s diagnosis.
Women with cervical cancer have many treatment options. The options are:

1. Surgery.

This is may be the very first option depending on stage of cervical cancer. Fortunately if diagonised early, it can easily be removed. This is why it is important women should engage in regular cervical screening.

2. Hysterectomy.

This treatment is based on the removal of the womb in most cases, but sometimes part of the vagina. The consultant can also remove the ovaries depending on the spread.

3. Tracheletomy.

This operation is different from the hysterectomy as the ovaries and womb are not removed. So it may still be possible for women to conceive and have the baby.

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