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Celebrities And Their Sexual Addiction

Sexual addiction or also known as hypersexual disorder is characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Person who have sexual addiction tend to have inability to control their sexual behaviour, although it is risky or harmful. It becomes some kind of obsession and not the essence of sex itself anymore. These are the list of celebrities who have or rumored to have sexual addiction as quoted from Health.

1. David Duchovny
David Duchovny has been married Tea Leoni since 1997 and has two children. But his sexual addiction didn’t stop him from being promiscuous. He denied the fact that he is a sex addict in 1997, in August 2008 he admit it and entered rehab for treatment.

2. Eric Benet
The R&B singer is Halle Berry’s ex husband. They separated in 2003 and the rumor was Benet had been treated for sex addiction.

3. Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas entered rehab to cure sex addiction in 1993 but he said that he entered rehab because of excessive drinking. He possibly imitating his role as a sexually driven character in two movies, Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction.

4. Tiger Woods
In November 2009, a group of Woods’ supposed mistresses “sang” to the media. And his marriage with Elin Nordegren was ruined because of this. He reportedly checked in rehab to cure his addiction.

5. Russel Brand
The British comedian is rumored to have slept with 80 women in one month. In his memoir, My Booky Wook, he admitted that he have an addiction to heroin and sex and entered a sexual addiction treatment center in Philadelphia. He had completed the treatment and now running a happy marriage with Katy Perry.

6. Kanye West
In 2006, the rapper said to Rolling Stone that he enjoys pornography. And in 2009 he told Details Magazine that he had a sex addiction at a really young age. He is not reported to enter any rehab to cure the addiction so far.

7. Bill Murray
The comedian was married to Margaret Kelly for 15 years before divorced. The divorced is because Murray known to have affair with Jennifer Butler. He and Butler then married for 10 years and divorced because she accused Murray of adultery, addiction to marijuana and alcohol, sexual addiction, and frequent abandonment.

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