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Bulimia Nervosa’s Causes

We all know, bulimia nervosa is more nearly about mental problem. Actually there are no specific causes for bulimia. Bulimia often appears not only to be the result of improper eating or uncontrolled dieting, but also due to the exposure to risk factors of a psychiatric disorder.

General factors that lead to Bulimia are:

  • Low self-esteem in women, coupled with an obsession about the “perfect” body.
  • A person with a family history of Bulimia or a psychiatric disorder, especially depression is more prone to suffer from this condition. The role of genetics, as a predisposing factor is unclear, although it has been suggested as a cause.
  • The influence of social environment, that includes family and friends who advocate dieting, encourage physical slimness, and excessive exercising, plays a strong role in the onset of Bulimia.
  • Memories of traumatic childhood experience.
  • Biological factors (hormonal) that are usually associated with depression are also being currently studied in association with Bulimia.

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