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Benefits Of Vanilla For Your Everyday Life

Vanilla have so many benefit to your everyday life. One example, vanilla can press your appetite because of its rich scent. Its smell can trick your brain into thinking that you have eaten more than you actually have. In other words, by smelling vanilla before you eat, you will feel full already so you will eat less. In addition to being an appetite suppressant, vanilla also have other benefit, and it more than just being flavor enhancer on the cake. As written on Health, some of them are:

1. Home scent
Vanilla can be used as odor repellent and even germs out of your house, and it is absolutely free of chemical compounds. It is because vanilla also have antibacterial agent. To create your vanilla home scent, add a few drops of vanilla essential oil into a few cups of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray it in the stinky spots around your house. And as you may guess, your home will smell like a cake.

2. Skin soother
Vanilla contains antioxidants, which helps to soothe irritated skin. It can also prevent skin from the damage of environmental pollutants and toxins. To make your own reviving scrub squeeze 1 lemon juice into a bowl and discard the seeds. Slice open 5 vanilla beans lengthwise and remove the skin with a spoon. Add vanilla seeds, 3 tablespoon brown sugar, and 3 drops of vanilla essential oil to the bowl of lemon juice. Mix the ingredients well. Scrub your face with the mixture and avoid eyes area. Massage for a few minutes. After finish, rinse with warm water then splash with cold water.

3. Bug spray
Vanilla can replace your stinky mosquito spray. Mosquito can’t stand the smell of vanilla. To create your all natural bug spray combine 2 ounces vanilla extract and 2 ounces water in a small spray bottle and spray it onto your skin to prevent mosquito bites.

To store your vanilla bean, put it on the granulated sugar in an airtight container. The sugar will have the slight smell of vanilla.

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