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Bananas, Delicious Way To Ward Off Stroke

According to Times of India, British and Italian researcher suggested to eat 3 bananas a day to cut the risk of stroke. Having 3 banana each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner would provide enough potassium to reduce the risk of blood clot on the brain by 21%. The other source of potassium is spinach, nuts, milk, fish, and lentils.

Inadequate potassium intake can lead to irregular heartbeat, irritability, nausea, and diarrhea. The recommended potassium intake is 3500 mg for adult, but getting 1600 mg is enough to lower the risk of strokes by more than a fifth. In most countries, potassium intake is below this recommended daily amount. You can reduce your risk even more by eating more potassium-rich foods and also reduce your sodium intake.

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