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Bad Habits For Your Teeth

There are common habits that will hurt your teeth. And most of us doesn’t realize that they are doing this things. Find out more so you can avoid it.

1. Eating too slow or too frequently
After you eat, your teeth will release acids that can attack your teeth. Eating all day non stop can cause this to recur and will cause cavities. If you eat too slow and too frequently your teeth will be bombarded with food particles, and your mouth doesn’t have the opportunity to fight the bacteria.

2. Grinding and clenching
Grinding that you do in your sleep and clenching your teeth while stress can cause damage. They can cause teeth to wear down prematurely or possibly crack a tooth. Consult your dentist if you have headache or a sore jaw.

3. Skipping the dentist
It is recommended to visit your dentist twice a year. But skipping your dentist allows plaque to buildup and small problems to develop into serious problems. If you are planning to pregnant, visit your dentist to avoid pregnancy-induced gingivitis and keep your oral healthy while pregnant.

4. Allowing your mouth to dry
Certain medications can cause dry mouth, and if you don’t have adequate saliva to wash your mouth, you will have more cavities. If you take medicine that cause mouth to dry be sure to skip the sweets and drink more water.

5. Drinking soda
Soda is full of sugar and acids that cause teeth erosion and cavities. If you want to drink soda, never drink it throughout the day. Drink it all at once with a meal or use a straw to minimize direct contact with teeth.

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