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Apricot Health Benefits

Apricots are fruits with a golden skin and velvety texture. They are roughly round in shape and are smaller in size, as compared to peaches. Even though sweet in taste, these fruits have a tartness too. Apricot is consumed directly, or dried and eaten as dry-fruit. It is also used in preparation of juice, jam, squash and jelly. Apricot oil is also obtained from its kernel.  Are apricots healthy? Yes, it’s true. There are many benefits in apricots. Its are available in both fresh and dried forms and offer various health benefits.

1. Constipation. It is often recommended to patients who are regularly suffering from constipation due to its laxative natures. It also aids in overall digestion of food.

2. Fevers. Apricot juice is often given to patients suffering from fever as it provides necessary vitamins, minerals, calories and water to the body. It also detoxifies the body.

3. Skin disorders. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and does not keep the skin oily when applied. Not only make your skin smooth and shiny, it also aids in treating a number of skin diseases including eczema, itching, scabies, etc.

4. Anemia. This is because of the high levels of some minerals, like, iron and copper, that help in the production of hemoglobin.

5. Cancer. The seeds of apricot are believed to aid and treating cancer.

6. Asthma. It is also believed that apricot oil is anti-asthmatic in nature and helps in treating the disease.

7. Earache. Apricot oil is good for earache.

8. Alzheimer’s disease. Beta carotene that contains in it is a powerful antioxidant that protects the body from alzeimer’s disease and other problem.

9. Eyes health. The high levels of beta carotene in apricots is also beneficial for the health of eyes, especially, in preventing macular degeneration.

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