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Angelina Jolie: Healthy Lifestyle

Angelina Jolie is American/Hollywood Actress that can look both beautiful and able to play weapons. It seemed nothing could match the toughness of Angelina Jolie for it. Just look at her films, like Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wanted, Salt, and The Tourist, she looks so charming and pretty healthy. Here what Angelina shared for us about her healthy lifestyle secrets.

Angelina Jolie’s healthy life secrets is a strict protein rich diet of lean meats and fish, plus 4 liters of water. Eating more high quality protein is also one of celebrity weight loss tip, that we should all take note of. Her coach of her film-SALT who helped her to prepare her physical for the role of Evelyn, said that Jolie ate five small serving foods a day, and hold on 70 percent of carbohydrate diet and protein. She also avoiding a cardio exercise to help increase muscle mass without losing weight. To build muscle and increase stamina, she also have to discipline with a variety of exercise programs.

Angelina has also dined on cockroaches, crickets and bee larvae for various TV shows and movies, all excellent sources of protein. Don’t worry though, we don’t all need to go that far to stay slim and healthy.

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