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8 Healthy Beverages To Drink Everyday

Sport drinks, soft drinks, soda, and artificial fruit juices are very popular and became favourite of many people. But as you may know, these drinks could be harmful to your health and almost have no nutrients but sugar and calories. Besides they are expensive, that’s why you better avoid them. Don’t worry about being dehydrate and being sluggish all day, because there are some drinks that healthier, cheaper, and give you health benefits. As written on LifeMojo, they are:

1. Water
You need water to keep the proper functioning of your kidneys, brain, and heart. They will also keep your joint and muscle lubricated. If you want to loose weight, drinking water is a good option as it suppress your appetite and increase metabolism.

2. Coffee
Coffee is healthy if you consume it in moderation. The moderate amount of coffee is one or two cups a day. Caffeine can increase alertness, protect your body from degenerative diseases, heart disease, and colon cancer.

3. Milk
Milk contains calcium that your bone needs and also helps to breakdown the fat stored in the fat cells. Choose skim milk if you are plan to loose weight.

4. Green tea
Green tea has been long known as antioxidants and minerals source. It has the power to boost your metabolism, relax your brain, promote heart health, prevent eczema, and controlling blood sugar level. The flavonoids and polyphenols content can increase your immunity. While catechin can ward off stress and remove sleepiness.

5. Raw fruit or vegetable juice
If you don’t like to eat vegetable, making them into juice is a good option to gain the essential vitamins and minerals. You better make your own juice because commercial juice often added with lots of sugar and preservatives.

6. Buttermilk
Buttermilk loads with calcium, vitamin B, potassium, and phosphorous. It can also aid your digestion system.

7. Lemonade
Lemon, the main ingredients of lemonade is rich of vitamin C, so it will strengthen your immune system. It can boost your energy if you eat it in the morning. The basic lemonade recipe is simply mix lime juice to water or soda and add a pinch of rock salt.

8. Red wine
Red wine and red grape contains antioxidant. Studies founds that drinking red wine in moderation can promote heart health, increase HDL level, and prevent blood-clot. Just to remind that you should drink red wine in moderation.

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