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5 Surprising Things That Can Cause Headache

You’ve already know about how to identify your headache and also the home treatment to reduce your pain. But do you know what causing it? PMS, staring the PC for hours, or hormonal changes is a common cause. You also must know about some surprising things that can cause your headache. Some of them are:

1. Perfume
Strong odors may activate your nerve cells on the nose, sometimes it leads to head pain. If you are suddenly get headache because of strong odors, what you need to do is avoid perfumes, strong household cleanser, fragranced soaps, and other fragrance things. Try to take aspirin, acetaminophen, and caffeine, but never mixed together aspirin or acetaminophen with caffeine as they can leads to rebound headache.

2. Weather
Changes in barometric pressure, rising temperatures, high humidity, lightning, and cloudy skies can also causes headache. It happens because meteorological shifts can trigger chemical and electrical changes in the brain that irritate nerves. On the bad-weather day, put an ice compress on your eyes in the morning and take Ibuprofen a day or two before the expected weather comes.

3. Earrings, headbands, and ponytails
All of the things above can irritate the muscle system. If you get the pain from ponytail, headband, and earring, release it as soon as possible.

4. Hunger
Unstable blood sugar level may trigger headache. Limit your sugar intake when your stomach is empty because it can give you ‘sugar headache’, eat foods that rich in magnesium (spinach, beans, nuts, and seeds) and riboflavin (dairy products, lean meats, leafy greens, enriched breads and cereals) may prevent and reduce the headache. Consult to your doctor if you have headache more than two times a week.

5. Sex
Coital headache can occur during foreplay or right before orgasm. It will last from a few minutes to an hour. The culprit is likely pressure building up in the head and neck muscles. And orgasm sometimes needs a lot of work. Orgasmic headache can be a sign of aneurysm, so consult your doctor about it.

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