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3 Types of Dangerous Headache

You know that there are 5 surprising things that can cause headache which is perfume, weather, ponytail, and sex. You also know how to identify your headache and also the home treatment to reduce your pain. Headache can’t harm your life, although it is painful, but severe headache can be a signal of serious diseases such as stroke, aneurysm, and meningitis. You have to pay more attention to your headache if:

1. You neck is stiff and you have fever. It could be a sign of meningitis, an inflammation of the membranes surrounding the central nervous system, which can quickly become critical.

2. You experienced a severe nausea or vomiting and any neuro-deficit such as difficulty of speaking or walking. It could be a sign of hemorrhagic stroke.

3. You have a headache that much much worse that you have ever had before. It may mean that you have an aneurysm in the brain that has begun to leak a little blood, but could turn into a severe full bleed, which can threat your life.

If you have one of the three headache above, go to emergency room and expect the doctors to perform a CT scan.

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