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10 Tips to Cure Insomnia!

Insomnia, Illness? How to cure it, anyway? Insomnia means an inability to sleep or to remain asleep throughout the night. And, yes. It’s a kind of illness. Insomnia can be caused by a variety of conditions including: change, stress, physical pain, trauma, illness, and emotions. It can affect all age groups and is more common in adult women than adult men. Mostly people do not want to get a bad rest for sure. That’s why, you need to read this to help you cure your Insomnia!
1. No nicotine, alcohol and caffeine!
Cigarette, just like alcohol and caffeine will interfere your sleep. Tea, Soda, and chocolate are also contain caffeine. Make sure you do not consume its four to six hours before bed time.
2. Avoid a heavy meal in the evening!
On the other hand, a light snack before bed time may be sleep inducing.
3. No Naps!
Avoid naps during the day. If you sleep during the day, your body may not be as tired as necessary to get to sleep at night.
4. Go to bed at regular time!
If you need to sleep more, it’s better for you to go to bed at your regular time and get up earlier.
5. Calming music.
Listen to calming music, white noise, self hypnosis or a “brain recalibration” tape for sleep. It could help you ‘reset’ and calm down your brain.
6. Get up if you can’t sleep!
If you can’t fall asleep after 15-20 minutes, get out of bed and try to make your body relax by take a walk until you get sleepy.
7. Turn off the lamp!
Light will only stimulate your brain’s day/night balance. Any strong light is more likely to stimulate and awake your nervous system. So turn off the light!
8. Redirect Nightmare/Bad thought.
If you have a nightmare or stress including thought, get yourself focus on a different ending. Write down your nightmare or tell someone else about it to stop the continual thoughts.
9. Take a warm bath.
Take a warm bath but don’t make the water hot. You can also add the essential oil Lavender of all vitality instead of just relaxing yourself.
10. Bed is only place for sleep.
If you do work in bed, watch TV, or read while in bed, it is no longer a relaxing place of rest. It’s better to make your bedroom simple.

You can try those top tips to get a nice sleep without using any drug or get to the doctor..

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