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Victoria’s Secret’s Angels Beauty and Body Secret

Every women in the world definitely wants to have Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima, or Heidi Klum’s body. Women wants to be them and men wants to have them. No one can deny that they are do hot. Are you also tempted to have a body like them? Here’s their secret.

VS’ angels eats more fresh fruit and vegetable and cut out the ‘treated’ food consumption. Treated foods here refers to fried and boiled food. They also exercise a lot to keep the fat at bay. And the second step is, they eat only organic product which contribute to skin moistening. They eat more protein from lean meat, fish, eggs, and low-fat milk. These protein will helps to get rid of extra weight.

In addition to those general steps, each VS’ angels also have their own diet rule, some of them are:

Adriana Lima
Adriana keep her body sexy by doing ‘portion control diet’. She can eat everything but still in moderation (limited amount). She eats a lot of fruit and vegetables and practicing capoeira. The result is magnificent.

Gisele Bundchen
You may be not believe it but Gisele is a meat eater. She likes cheeseburgers so much. But she of course balanced it with practicing yoga, outdoor walk, and relaxation. She likes to puts red pepper in her food that improves metabolism. Overall, Gisele is lucky to be blessed with good genes, she eats everything but still have a sexy figure.

Heidi Klum
After gave birth to her babies, Heidi limits food consumption to 1200 calories and do not eat after 8 pm. She also stops eating dairy product, bread, sweets, and alcohol. She eats every 3 hours and eat apple between meals. Apple can satiate hunger and contains antioxidants.

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