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What You Need To Know About Tea

People in China starts drinking tea about 4700 years ago. You might recognized tea from it’s amazing taste and variety of flavour, but tea has a lot of health benefits as well. This is what you need to know about tea so you can lead a healthy and improved lifestyle.

The healthiest tea in the world is considered on the tea that derived from Camellia Sinensis. But the most popular tea are black, green, red,  oolong, and white tea. Each tea has a defined flavour and several health benefits and. These tea can be different in colour because of the preparation of process.

Tea is made from all natural ingredients. Some tea contains polyphenols, a form of antioxidants that can fight cancer and other health problems. While other teas have properties such as laxative, calming effects, anti-inflammatory, and others.

To get the maximum health benefits of tea, you need to drink 2 to 4 cups of tea everyday. You also need to take it on a long period of time. Be patience and try to replace your sugary, carbonated drinks with healthy tea and you will feel more active and more relieved.

Here’s the list of health benefits that you can get in a cup of tea as quoted from Beauty Hill:

1. Slows down aging process
Red or oolong tea is the best tea on its antioxidant that can help to maintain a youthful appearance.

Oolong Tea

2. Prevents cancer
Green and white tea have property to fight against cancer because they can helps to maintain a healthy cells.

White Tea

3. Promote weight loss
Green tea can helps to speed up your metabolism and speed up fat oxidation to turn it into energy. Weight loss will be more obvious over a long period of consumption time.

Green Tea

4. Protects against heart disease
Black tea can improve blood circulation and reduce blood pressure that will promote a healthy heart.

Black Tea

5. Reducing bad breath
Drinking tea regularly can inhibit bacteria growth on your mouth.

Red Tea

6. Fungal infections
White tea contains antifungal and antibacterial ingredients that can be use to fight off fungal infections.

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