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Superfoods For Diabetes

Normally, there are certain foods that forbidden to eat by diabetics, because they can increase the blood sugar level. On the contrary, there are some foods that are recommended to be consumed by person with diabetes. Foods that includes on the list are:

1. Vegetables
Vegetables are low in calories and low in sugar content, yet they have high fiber content that will makes you feel satiated. By feeling full longer, you will avoid to eat more than you need.

2. Fruits
Fruits packed with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs. They also rich of antioxidants to fights free radical. The recommended fruit intake is 4 serving per day. But be warned that there are sweet fruits that diabetics have to avoid.

3. Beans
Beans are very rich in dietary fiber that will make your digestion process slower. By slowing digestion process, your body will have adequate time to absorb sugar and reduce that sugar spike when you eat.

4. Tomatoes
Tomatoes is a great source of vitamin C that can improve your immune system and fights off disease. Tomatoes has not been proven to fight diabetes, but at least it can reduce the complications caused by chronic diseases.

5. Fish
Fish rich in protein and a good substitution for red meat. Omega-3 fatty acids in fish will help to clear up your arteries from bad fat as diabetics tends to have a low content of good fat. You should at least eat fish twice a week.

6. Cereal
Cereal also rich in fiber which makes you feel full longer, thus you will eat less.

7. Potatoes
Potatoes contain high level of vitamin A and also fiber.

8. Nuts
Nuts contains good fat, which will reduce insulin resistance and make them work better in carrying the glucose to the cells.

9. Yogurt
Yogurt is very rich in protein so they are great to substitute red meat on your diet. They also contains good bacteria that will improve your digestive system, detox your blood, and clear you digestive tract from bad elements.

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