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Myth and Fact about Cholesterol

There are some myth and fact about cholesterol that may surprise you. Here it is as written on Health:

1. Americans have the highest cholesterol in the world
Americans are fats but don’t think that they have the highest cholesterol. In fact, they are just in rank 83rd for men and 81st for women. The average number of cholesterol level is 197 mg/dL, while Colombian men are 244 and women in Israel, Libya, Norway, and Uruguay are 232.

2. Eggs are evil
Egg does have a high dietary cholesterol but it wasn’t as dangerous as people think. Eating just one or two egg a few times a week isn’t dangerous at all. Even, eggs is a good source of protein and contain unsaturated fat or a good fat.

3. Kids can’t have high cholesterol
Research founds that atherosclerosis, the narrowing of the arteries that leads to heart attack, can start at the age of 8. It is recommended that children who are overweight, have hypertension, or have a family history of heart disease to have their cholesterol level tested in the age of 2.

If the children do have a high cholesterol level they should dieting that restrict saturated fat and dietary cholesterol plus eat more fiber and doing more exercise.

4. Food is heart-healthy if it says “0 mg cholesterol”
This is refers to dietary cholesterol, which is only one thing to cause your cholesterol level increase. Saturated fats found in meat and dairy product and tras fat found in packed food is having a greater impact to raise a bad cholesterol level that cause atherosclerosis than dietary cholesterol.

5. Cholesterol is always a bad thing
High cholesterol level is certainly a bad thing, but cholesterol itself is essentials to various body process, such as to insulate nerve cells in the brain to provide structure for cell membranes. LDL (Low Density Cholesterol) is bad thing and responsible to atherosclerosis, but HDL (High Density Cholesterol) is a good cholesterol that your body needs.

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