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[Men Only] Foods That Will Keeps Your Handsomeness

Good news for men, now you can improve your look by raiding your fridge instead of buying the expensive face cream. By eating the right diet you can improve your looks and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Check a guide of this foods as written on Ask Men:

This Popeye’s favorite is rich in carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin that are great to keep the white of your eyes clear. The best way to serve spinach is salad and curry, but you could also serve them as a perfect accompaniment to steak.

Eggs are high in iron, so they can prevent hair loss and also sulfur which helps keep your hair soft and smooth.

Banana is high in potassium which can keeps your skin nice and elastic. You can turn them into banana split or just eat it like that.

Red Cabbage
Red cabbage is full of sulfur and iodine, which helps to cleans your inside. Cleansing your inside is important to get the toxin out of your body. You can make a pickled red cabbage or shred them into strips.

Beets in any colour contains betaine, which is a bioactive agent that helps the break the fats, Their juice contains chlorine which doing the same thing. Consider to add one or two tablespoon of beetroot juice to your salad. If you never eat beets before, you might surprise that your excretion will turn into red :)

Grapeseed Oil
They are excellent source of vitamin E which reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Use it to fry, as salad dressing or even marinade your meat.

Protein in turkey is important to keep your nail look good. And you also have to balance it by drinking plenty of water.

Guavas are high in antioxidant and vitamin C that fights free radicals that causes skin damage. If you don’t like this fruit you can rub them onto your skin then washed it before going out.

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