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List Dr. Oz’s Favorite Foods

Who doesn’t know Mehmet C. Oz, MD.? He has been very famous for his appearance on Oprah. And he told us many things about health. Now had checked his pantry and fridge to know more about his favorite healthy foods.

1. Almonds

This is Dr. Oz’s favorite snack because rich in fiber and protein. Almonds will satisfy your hunger so you will never be hungry. And because of his Turkish culture, he always eats almonds that have been soaked in water first, which brings the sweet taste of the nuts.

2. Broccoli

Dr. Oz said that broccoli is simply the best medicine that we have. It remove toxins from our liver like no other medicine or food on this planet.

3. Coffee and green tea

Coffee is number 1 source of antioxidants, but he prefers green tea because it will also gives you same antioxidants for much less caffeine. There are new diet product out now that involve green coffee bean extract. This is essentially green coffee extracted into a pill form. Dr. Oz has gone on his show endorsing Green Coffee Pure. This green coffee extract has been tested time after time with tons of different people to see if it helps them lose weight. The results came in and green coffee extract came through in flying colors. The people being tested showed vast improvements in lowing their respective body fat percentages. While green coffee is a new phenomenon, it will surely catch on for a long time in the future, simply because Green Coffee Pure works so well. Be sure to read the resource about green coffee extract in the link above this sentence.

4. Eggs

Eggs is a great source of protein and also in expensive. He does not mind the yolk unless you have cholesterol. Eating eggs can be a great way to start your day. Eggs along with number five can make a healthy and balanced breakfast.

5. Oatmeal

Dr. Oz always eat oatmeal on breakfast every day. He adds fresh fruit or sprinkle nuts for lean protein. While this may sound very bland and boring, it is certainly healthy. Dr. Oz suggests using fruit in the oatmeal instead of brown sugar. An apple whether it is red, green or another type will give your morning oatmeal some nice flavor while not pouring sugar into your body.

6. Low-fat Greek yogurt

He chose plain low-fat Greek yogurt that contains no added sugar, then he add fruit or a teaspoon of honey. Because flavored fat-free may be low in calories but they are all sugar calories, like a candy bar.

7. Fresh fruit

Fruits contains natural sugar that made them the healthiest sugar in the world. The are also contains fiber that can not be found in processed juice.

8. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains 70% cocoa, made them a healthy food. Because the are rich in flavonoids, a form of antioxidants that improve blood vessels function. He recommends to take on or two ounce a day. And he also suggest not to eat milk chocolate because it is actually not chocolate, just milk fat with chocolate coating.

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