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What You Need To Know About Goji Berry

You must have been so often heard about Goji Berry. Yes, because this berries has included in the superfoods list that claimed to have many health benefits, such as promoting longevity, improving body metabolism, cure impotence, preventing cancer, and cleansing your blood. So here are few thing that you need to know before deciding to consume Goji Berry.

What is Goji Berry?
Goji Berry is also known as Chinese wolfberry. It is a distant cousin of tomato, potato, and eggplant and of course a close family to the other berries. When dried, it looks like a bright reddish-orange raisin. The fruit is tart, slightly sweet, and has a faintly bitter aftertaste. Goji Berry is very popular in the Chinese traditional medicine, where it gain a reputation as a tonic for the liver and kidney, and also believed to be good for vision and have anti-aging properties.

What research say about this fruit?
A study that has been published in the Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology journal in 2008 founds several component of the fruit which has a possibility to give a health benefit. They founds that Goji Berry contains carotene and zeaxanthin which is important for eye health. The fruits also contains polysaccharide that appears to have beneficial effects on overall immunity, protects body cells from oxidation and aging, and good for brain health.

How much is the recommended amount?
No recommendation so far about a specific level intake of Goji Berry. And is still unknown about how the best way to consume this fruit in order to gain all of the nutrients. Chinese usually include dried Goji Berry in their soup or hot pot, they are left to simmer before being eaten. In U.S, Goji Berry is eaten like a snack similar to other dried fruit or as a juice.

The bottom line
1. If you have decided to consume Goji Berry, always keep in mind that despite all of its health benefits, it is not a cure for all disease.
2. Consume it in moderate amount because Goji Berry is usually very expensive
3. Don’t use it as an excuse to skimp on fruit and vegetables. Because eating more fruit and vegetables is necessary to get antioxidants and vitamins in general.
3. If you are in medication of diabetes and blood pressure, always talk to your doctor before consuming Goji Berry.

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