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Foods To Beats Breast Cancer

There are certain foods that you can eat to prevent breast cancer. This is simple thing to do but can give you a long lasting benefits as quoted from Times of India:

Eat enough vegetables
You can the optimum absorption of vegetables when they are cooked in olive oil. Spinach and kale is the most powerful veggies to prevent most diseases. Some of other veggies that believed to have anti cancer properties are broccoli, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, and pumpkin because they are rich of carotenoid.

Choose your carefully
Dark coloured fruits are better for your diet. Eat more red grapes, berries, peaches, raisins instead of bananas or apple. The best time to eat fruits are in the breakfast because you will effectively absorb its nutrients.

Eat more grains
Whole grains contains fiber that can lower your blood pressure, reducing the risk of breast cancer, and helps manage weight.

Limit dairy products
You should limit dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt because they can increase calorie intake without contributing to cancer protection. Consider to switch to soya milk.

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