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Fight Off Sleepiness With Eating More Fruit

Drowsiness can arise due to many factors such as disturbances in blood sugar or oxygen levels in the body. This condition turned out to be overcome by eating fruits. If the drowsiness caused by lack of energy or oxygen in the body it will make a person difficult to concentrate and can not focus on his work. These conditions are often tricked or prevented by drinking coffee, but you should change this habit by eating fruits that are known to be more beneficial for the body.

Sometimes a person’s food intake can affect the chemicals in the brain. These chemicals in turn will affect the way of thinking, feeling and behaving. If someone is impaired on the blood sugar levels or intake of oxygen to the brain decreases will make him feel limp, frequent yawning, drowsiness, and also can not concentrate. One of the ways you can do is to keep blood sugar levels remain stable and the intake of oxygen to the brain remains smooth.

Fruits like apples, oranges, pears and avocados could help keep blood sugar levels remain stable, thereby preventing a person feel weak. While the fruits that contain high water content is known to prevent the body become dehydrated which can keep the intake of oxygen to the brain so as not to be reduced so that someone does not feel sleepy.

Apple is known to contain glucose levels which can provide energy to the brain and makes people stay awake. In addition to containing glucose that produces energy, apples also contain other nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber is good for the body, calcium, phosphorus, iron to prevent anemia as well as some vitamins. For that there is no harm in replacing caffeinated beverages with fruit to keep the body does not lack energy and still could not concentrate. This of course would be more beneficial for the body.

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