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Must Eat Foods For Women

Woman should include this 5 foods on their daily diet because of the helth benefits that they brings:

1. Leafy vegetables
Leafy vegetables such as spinach, asparagus, lettuce, and broccoli are rich in fiber, Vitamin C and K, and also folic acid. They also contains a lot of mineral that your body needs. The darker the better.

2. Whole grains
Whole grains have 96% more fiber and essential nutrients and vitamins that the refined grains. They also do not cause weight gain.

3. Nuts
Nuts is rich on protein, magnesium, and vitamin B and E. They can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. Moreover, they are rich in good fat. You can sprinkle nut on your salads or breakfast cereals, stir them into yogurt, and eat them as evening snacks.

4. Yogurt
Low fat yogurt are high in vitamins, protein, and calcium. Plus, they has healthy bacteria that can fight diseases. Must remember to choose a plain yogurt or add some fruit into it.

5. Berries
Berries is a good source of antioxidant and fiber. Antioxidants helps to lower your risk of some diseases and also helps to prevent memory loss. You can choose fresh or frozen berries.

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