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Dr. Oz: Eyelash Infection and How To Overcome Them

Common infection that can occur on your eyelash line are Eyelash Mites and Blepharitis. Dr. Oz said that we have approximately 200 eyelashes per eye and they are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria. And Dr. Oz shows us the way to prevent eyelash infection:

Blepharitis is an infection that causes crusting along your eyelash line. This is caused by dust that settled onto your eyelash and can cause inflammation on the eye.

To keep your eye from this infection you must keep your eyelash clean. Dab a cotton swab with diluted baby shampoo and wash your eyelids several times a day.

Eyelash Mites
50% of us have Eyelash Mites, Dr. Oz said. We get the mites when our immune system is weak from illness or getting older. And mascara is a perfect ground for the Mites to breed. The common signs that you have Eyelash Mites is when your eyelashes are falling off much more than they used to.

To get rid of that Eyelash Mites you can take a Tea Tree Oil mixed with baby shampoo and clean your eyelids and eyelashes every night with it. Make sure that the tree oil is not to get into your eyes.

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