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Celebrities Who Born With Birth Defects

Celebrities always look perfect. but actually they are also human beings who also could have birth defects. Here are the list of celebrities who have birth defects that might surprise you as quoted from Become Gorgeous.

Karolina Kurkova
The Victoria’s Secret’s angel doesn’t have a belly button. She lost her belly button when she had an operation when she was infant.

Paris Hilton
Paris’ eyes are not symmetrical between left and right. Her left eye is suffering from amblyopia or lazy eyes. Her excessive use of colored contact lens to make her brown eyes turn blue only make her drooping eye worse.

Elen Pompeo
She was caught by paparazzi wearing flipflops that displayed six toes on each feet. But she denied having extra toes.

Kate Bosworth
She has different eye color, her left eye is blue while the right is hazel. Other celebs who also have this defects are David Bowie, Jane Seymour, and Mila Kunis.

Gemma Arterton
She confessed that she was born with extra fingers on each hands. Although she had a surgery to remove the extra fingers, a small lump still appears on her hands.

Lily Allen
She admitted that she has a third nipple. her defects became a youtube sensation. Lily Allen talked about her nipples: “It gets hard when you touch it.”

Ashton Kutcher
He showed his webbed toes on TRL back in 2005. Aston said “I have two toes that are connected, webbed…They’re just a little connected…”

Megan Fox
Megan Fox is suffering from brachydactyly or clubbed thumb. She has a short thumbnail.

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