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Brain Exercises To Keep It Sharp

Have you ever been afraid that you might have your memory loss during your senior age? You don’t have to. Because there are some techniques that you can do to keep your brain sharp or at least slower the aging process as quoted from WomansDay.

1. Chill out
Take a few minutes every day to breathe deeply or meditate. It will not only relaxing you but your brain will relax as well. The brain remembers better when relaxed.

2. Focus on the future
A new study founds that people who regularly made plans and look forward for upcoming events had reduced their risk of Alzheimer’s by 50%.

3. Go for a walk
Mildly elevated glucose level is very dangerous for brain, even if you don’t have diabetes. Do physical activities, even just a simple walk, can burn the glucose on your blood.

4. Eat berries
Berries, especially blueberries contains anthocyanin that help communication between brain cells and improve memories. To find the other importance of eating blueberries, read here.

5. Learn something new
Study founds that mental stimulation limits the debilitating effects of aging on memory and mind. To stimulate your brain you can learn a new language or join a knitting club.

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