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The Amazing Benefits of Oregano

You know that oregano is one of the 7 spices with health benefits. And what exactly the health benefits of oregano so it is more than just to make your dishes delicious? Here they are:

1. Oregano leaves rich of manganese, iron, and vitamin A. If you eat fresh oregano leaves regularly, your immune system will boost up.

2. Oregano oil contains thymol and carvacol that are beneficial to aid digestion system and treating several stomach problems.  If you have stomach problems, drink a glass of water with two or three drops of oregano oil to relieve it.

3. If you have menstrual cramp, chew a few of oregano leaves three times a day. It will relieve the cramps.

4. Oregano oil can also relieve cold and lungs congestion. Add two or three drops into a glass of water and drink it about three to five days.

5. If you have skin infection, use oregano oil because it has antibacterial and antiviral properties.

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