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5 Reasons Why Climate Change Bad For Health

Climate change is often called as threat multiplier’ because it really affects our life in bad ways. And it is not just about melting iceberg and rising sea levels. In the long term, a warmer world will be a more unstable and more dangerous.

For human health, warmer temperature and the change of weather patterns will cause the spread of infectious disease and another negative effects. Here are 5 list why climate change is bad for our health as quoted from Time Healthland:

1. Bad Air
Rising temperature causes more photochemical smog which stressing out the lungs of asthma sufferers. A warmer world will also cause longer summer and longer the smog season.

2. Longer and Stronger Allergy Seasons
Rising temperatures also means rising pollen levels. Which is bad for those who have seasonal allergy. Study founds that as the climate continues to change, plant like oaks and hickories that produced a lot of pollen will move north and displace trees like pines and fir that are less hypoallergenic.

3. Infectious Disease Spread
As the temperatures and precipitation increase, mosquitoes that carry malaria parasites may be able to spread further, away from what is called now as malaria belt. And it is also the same with other parasites and microbes such as Lyme disease.

4. Extreme Weather, Extreme Risks
Climate change tends to bring more intense weather events including floods, hurricanes, or snowstorm. This will increase the risk of injury and disruption.

5. Heat Waves
A warmer world will likely have longer and more intense heat waves. As you may know 40.000 Europeans died during the unusual extreme summer in 2003.

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