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10 Benefits of Being in Love

Being in love and be loved can make you feel happier, look good, and feel good. It does have benefits for beauty and health. And here are the benefits of love in your life as quoted from AOL Health:

1. More energy
Emotional love can increase your spirit and physical love, means sex, leads to better all-around mental and physical health.

2. Look and feel younger
Being in love can make you smile and laugh a much more. Research founds that people who stay positive look and feel better as they age than those who don’t.

3. More generousity that leads to more happiness
This is because love allows us to focus on the joys of giving and also allows us to more graciously accept what is given to us.

4. Less stress
Love allows us to accept other person’s influence and help, and it plays a big role in the success of marital and relationship. Men tends to have more pressure to be in charge and to be a decision maker, so it is important to share the loads they have to his loved one.

5. Emotional and spiritual growth
If you are in relationship, your heart and mind will be more open, And even failed relationship can helps you to a higher personal state.

6. Longer, healthier life
Studies shown that married people have a longer life than unmarried people. They also found to have lower risk of cancer and unlikely to suffer pneumonia.

7. Sparkling eyes
Adrenaline and sex hormone level increase when someone is in love. Then you will feel a buzz throughout your whole body. Being in love also enlarge your pupil, making them look more dramatic and attractive. And men are always attracted to woman who have larger pupil.

8. Kissable lips
Regular kissing can make your lips more attractive and more kissable. And your lips will also have extra color and improve their shape.

9. Better breasts
For women, being in love and making love can improve the size and shape of your breasts. It is because being in love can contract muscles and increase the blood flow around your breast.

10. Shiny hair
It is also because of the increase hormone level., which make your hair shinier and healthier.

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