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Type 2 Diabetes

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Overweight is the common factor of diabetes type 2. Statistic showed that up to 95% of 21 million of American who have diabetes is having type 2 diabetes. The other risk factor of type 2 diabetes are:
1. Obesity
2. Poor diet
3. Sedentary lifestyle
4. Increased age
5. Family history
6. Ethnicity, ethnic groups who has higher risk of diabetes are African-American, Native American, Latino, Pacific Islander, and Asian-American.
7. History of metabolic syndrome
8. History of gestational diabetes

They symptoms of type 2 diabetes are:
1. Frequent urination
2. Increased thirst
3. Unplanned weight loss
4. Numbness or tingling sensation in hands, leg, or feet
5. Blurred vision
6. Dry and itchy skin
7. Weakness and fatigue
8. Frequent infections
9. Slow healing of cuts and bruises

The excess glucose on blood can cause a lot of health problems such as in nerves and blood vessels. They also increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. The other complication of diabetes are:
1. Nerve damage
2. Kidney damage or failure
3. Vision problems or even blindness
4. Heart disease and increased risk of strokes
5. Erectile disfunction for men and decreased desire for men and women
6. Depression
7. Amputation

Type 2 diabetes doesn’t have any noticeable syndrome and you perhaps won’t know until you have blood sugar test. Early detection helps to control the blood sugar. If the blood sugar level is control, the risk of complication is decreased.

Lifestyle changes and medication is two very important part of diabetes treatment. Insulin injection is needed if oral medication are not enough. Treatments for type 2 diabetes include:
1. Medications: oral antihyperglycemic agents, injectable antiyperglycemics, insulin
2. Blood sugar monitoring
3. Reduce any excess weight
4. Diet rich in fruit and veggies, complex carbs and whole grain, fewer over-processed, fatty, starchy, and sugary choice.
5. Daily exercise

If you have any risk factor you should prevent from getting diabetes type 2 by eating healthy, maintaining a normal weight, and exercising daily.

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