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Type 1 Diabetes

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Type 1 diabetes happens when the pancreas can no longer make the insulin that is necessary to transport sugar from the blood into the other cells for energy. So sugar will build up in the blood and can damage internal organs and blood vessels. Type 1 diabetes usually attacks children and young adult although person over 40 can get this type too.

Person who diagnosed to have type 1 diabetes must take insulin everyday to survive. They must check their blood sugar level often and inject themselves with the correct amount of insulin. Frequent testing helps to let know how musch insulin do they need to keep their blood sugar level as near to normal as possible. And the test time is:
– Before meal
– Before bedtime
– One or two hours after meals or big snack
– Before exercise, because exercising can lower blood sugar level

Several warning signs of type diabetes are:
– Increased thirst
– increased urination
– Fatigue
– Weight loss
– Blurred vision

The best diet for person with type 1 diabetes is the one that low in fat, low in salt, and low in added sugar. You must eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables over soft drinks and candy. Tupe 1 diabetics can live a normal and long life as long as they keep injecting insulin to their body.

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