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Top 7 Threat On Women’s Health And How To Prevent It

The top 7 disease and threats for woman are heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respitory, alzheimer, accidents, and type 2 diabetes. But this threats can be prevented if you know how to do it. Simple preventive measures can reduce your health risks. Thus, you will be live longer and have a healthier life.

Here are the explanation of top 7 threat for women’s health and how to prevent it as summarized from Mayo Clinic.

1. Heart disease

Heart disease is more often attacking men but women also can have it as well. Even, it was a major threat for women. To prevent this disease, you must have a healthy lifestyle by doing the following:
– Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
Never use a tobacco product and avoid being a passive smoker (inhale smoke from others)
– Eat a healthy diet
Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, high fiber food, and leaner protein. And avoid high saturated fat and sodium.
– Manage chronic condition
Beware of your health condition. If you have diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure then keep it low. Talk to your doctor and follow his recommendation.
– Do physical activity
If you are not a fond of exercise or sport, do a lighter activity that you enjoy such as taking dog to walk or dancing. It is important to keep your body stay fit.
– Maintain a healthy weight
Because the more you weight the more risk in heart disease you will have.
– Limit alcohol
Drink it in moderation because alcohol can raise your blood pressure. But it’s better to not drink it at all.
– Manage stress
You have to reduce your stress and manage it in healthy way.

2. Cancer

Cancer that can occur on women are breast cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and cervical cancer. To prevent you from these cancer you have to:
– Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
It puts you much closer to a cancer.
– Maintain a healthy weight
If you are too heavy then try to loose a few pounds and it may lower your risk of cancer.
– Do physical activity
Try to get moving, this will helps you to control your weight and lower the risk of cancer.
– Eat healthy diet
You should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. It may reduce your risk of cancer.
– Protect yourself from the sun
Wear a long sleeve coat and long pants, use plenty of sunscreen, and wear wide hat.
– Limit alcohol
Drink it in moderation. Because alcohol can leads you to breast, colon, kidney, and liver cancer.
– Breast feed
Breast feeding can reduce the risk of breast cancer.
– Take early detection
Take regular mammogram and other cancer screening. Consult to your doctor about this.

3. Stroke

Stroke risk factor can come from family history, age, and race. But you still can control these factor by doing:
– Manage chronic condition
Same as heart disease, you need to keep your level of diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol.
– Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
If you smoke then quit it and consult with your doctor.
– Eat a healthy diet
Limit your high saturated fat and cholesterol consumption. And eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
– Maintain healthy weight
Try to loose some weight if you are overweight.
– Limit alcohol consumption
Drink it in moderation, which is no more than one drink a day for women.

4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases

Some of this disease are emphysema and bronchitis. All you have to do to protect your respiratory are:
– Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
Smoke can give bad effect to your lung and respiratory, so try to quit smoking if you smoke.
– Avoid pollutants
Try to minimize exposure to chemicals and outdoor air pollutions.
– Prevent respiratory infections
One simple action is wash your hands often and ask your doctor about getting a pneumonia and flu vaccine.

5. Alzheimer’s disease

So far there is still no way to avoid Alzheimer’s disease, but these steps will helps you to prevent it:
– Manage chronic condition
You have to keep low your level of diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol because high level of these can increase your risk of Alzheimer.
– Don’t smoke and avoid secondhand smoke
Because researcher suspect that there are a link between smoking and Alzheimer.
– Do physical activity
Even a simple move like taking a stroll in the afternoon can lower the risk of Alzheimer.
– Maintain social and mental fitness
Try to be active in your social life, manage your stress in positive ways, and  learn new things that attract your interest.

6. Accidents

The leading cause of fatal accidents among women is motor vehicle crash. To prevent this you need to obey the traffic regulations, stay safe on the road, do not drive under alcohol and drug, and don’t drive when you are sleepy.

7. Type 2 diabetes

This is the most common type of diabetes, which affects the way your body uses blood sugar. If you don’t put more attention about your diabetes, it will leads you to heart disease, eye problems, nerve damage, and other complications. To prevent this disease you have to:
– Eat a healthy diet
Don’t consume much sugar on your food.
– Do physical activity
Get moving in your daily activity can burn your your sugar level
– Maintain a healthy weight
It is important to loose some pounds if you are overweight because those extra pounds can increase your diabetes risk.

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