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Top 4 Food For Better Sleep

If you want to enhance your sleeping quality, you should take this 4 foods on your dinner. Because there are certain nutrients in these food that can help you to get a better sleep as written on Times Of India.

1. Salmon

Salmon contains DHA, which is healthy fat. DHA can boost your melatonin hormone which regulate your sleep.

2. Beans
Beans and other legumes contains B6, B12, and folic acid which produce serotonin that can make you feel relax and help your body to regulate sleep cycle.

3. Low fat Yogurt
Calcium and magnesium that low fat yogurt have will help you fall asleep faster. That’s why if you don’t have sufficient calcium and magnesium you will feel muscle cramps, higher stress level, and worse sleep.

4. Spinach
Spinach is rich of iron which can help to get a better sleep by protecting your body against the sleep robber known as a restless legs syndrome.

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