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How Social Networking Sites Can Affect Your Health

Facebook, Twitter, an other social networking sites has become an integral part of ourselves. Denied or not, we open this site everyday and friend requesting, twitting, tagging, and so on has become our daily routine. Even we would miss it if we didn’t not do it in a single day. But do you realize that behind this pleasure lies something that harmful to your health, especially mental health? Psychologist Mohini Paul talked to iDiva about how social networking website can affect your mental wellbeing:

1. Trigger stress
If you uploaded some pictures or mentioning something and you don’t get reaction that you want, it will leads you into stress. Stress and anxiety can also occur if you have a relationship with a stranger that you know online and it doesn’t work well.

2. Decrease blood circulation
If you actually go out and meet people, you will be excited and happy, thus it will increase your blood circulation. But social networking sites can’t get you emotionally closed to people, so the endorphine hormone that control your happiness will not be released as much as it should. In the long term, it will lead you to high blood pressure.

3. Sleep patterns
Smartphones and laptop makes you stay online on this websites all day long and of course it will affect your sleep pattern. You will be busy maintaining your games, updating status, or uploading photo even in your nap time. Lack of sleep can cause migraine and affect your concentration.

4. Obesity
If you stay online, none of your muscle will move unless your fingers. You will forget about your fitness time and pile up on pounds instead to improve your health.

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