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Using Soap In Vagina Increases HIV Infection

A recent study founds that some intravaginal practices uses by women, such as washing the vagina with soap, may increase the acquisition of HIV infection and should be avoided, Times of India wrote.

The study was conducted by University of Bern, Switzerland. The researcher team who studied 15.000 women in sub-Saharan Africa, 791 of them are acquired HIV, founds that HIV infection within two years of enrollment in the studies was associated with intravaginal practices. And women who used cloth or paper to clean their vagina were nearly 1.5 times more likely to have acquired HIV infection as a women who didn’t use this practice.

The insertion of products to dry or tighten the vagina and intravaginal cleansing with soap also increased woman’s chance of acquiring HIV. Because cleanse the vagina with soap was associated with the development of bacterial vaginosis, and disrupted vaginal flora. Thus can increased the risk of HIV acquisition.

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