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Remove Toxin From Your Body By Drinking Delicious Beverages

These drinks are best to be drink in the morning before eating your breakfast and on empty stomach. They can detox your body and can help your body to stay healthy. Here are our top 5 detoxifying drinks:

1. Pure water
Water completely cleanses your digestive system by eliminating toxing and food remnants that stuck on your intestines. So you will dispel all waste and have a clean stomach.

2. Fresh coconut water
Fresh coconut water able to fights bacteria, germs, and viruses on your body. It will also cleans your digestive tract. Drinking it regularly will boost your immunity and hydrates your body.

3. Bottle gourd juice
The alkaline nature can help people who have acidity problems. Also, the fibre will cures indigestion problems.

4. Orange juice
Orange are rich in flavonoids which can improve your immune system by fighting germs and bacteria that cause disease.

5. Green tea
Green tea is a natural antioxidants. Plus, they contains polyphenols which help regulating glucose in your blood.

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