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How To Eat Fruits Correctly

You must really know that it is very advisable to eat more fruits because they do have many benefits for your body. They can enhance your sex life, make your skin glow,  prevent from constipation, and a lot more. But have you already know what is the right way to eat fruits in order to get its maximum benefit?

Times of India wrote this rule of how to treat fruit in the best way from storing until serving it for your children:

1. Keep the fruit on your table or in your fridge.
2. For the fruits that you already cut in pieces and want to eat later, keep it on refrigerator.
3. For the peak flavour, buy fruits in their peak season. The price will also be cheaper.

Best Nutritional Value
1. Whole are cut up fruits are contains more fiber, so you better choose this instead of making them into juice.
2. Select fruits that contains more potassium, such as bananas, prunes, peach, apricots, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and orange juice.

1. You should add fruits to your meals. For example add banana to your oatmeal, put grape on your salad, or try the meat dishes that incorporate fruits such as chicken with apricot.
2. For your health, you can eat sliced fruit or dried fruit as your snack.

For Children
1. Show your kids that fruits are good to their health by eating them as snack or meal everyday.
2. Offer your children to eat fruits for lunch
3. Serve fruit that suitable with their age, For example, you can make fruit juice for your toddler and sliced fruit for older age.
4. Allow your children to shop new fruits to try at home.
5. Decorate the plate with fruit slices.
6. Replace candies with dried fruit or raisins.

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