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Easy Tricks To Get Healthy Radiant Skin

Makeup artist, Joanna Schlip told Health how to gain healthy radiant skin for you. This is an easy trick to do but you will get a healthy sun-kissed look within minutes. And here’s how:

1. Even out your skin tone
Use a sponge to blend a sheer tinted moisturizer to your read or imperfect area. They will dry in a few minutes.

2. Pick the perfect bronzer
Look for a mate pressed bronzer a shade or two darker than your skin with a yellow undertone.

3. Grab the right brush
Pick a kabuki brush that has short and dense bristles with a domed shaped. They are also easy to grip. Kabuki brush will give you wide and even coverage.

4. Apply all over
Dip brush into your bronzer and tap of excess. Dust your forehead and the bridge of your nose using circular motion. Then dip and sweep it on your neck and chest. Blend well.

5. Get cheeky
Apply shimmery pink powder or blush along your cheekbones. They will keeps the bronzer from looking flat and your health stellar.

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