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Cooking Tips For A Healthier Heart

Maintaining your heart to stay healthy is very important. Beside doing exercise, you also must be careful in choosing and preparing food. You can also cut back the saturated fat and sodium by making a few smart substitutions.
Here are five cooking tips that helps you gain a healthier heart as summarized from

1. Boil or bake instead of fry
Frying food in heavy amount of oil can make your healthy food unhealthy anymore. But boiling your food will cut calories and fat in half.

2. Make the same dish with leaner protein
try to find a leaner protein for the food that you cook. For example you can use white egg instead of egg for your meatball or using lean ground beef or shredded chicken for your empenadas.

3. Make your own bread crumbs
Instead of using the ready made bread crumbs that high in salt, you can make your own bread crumb by grinding your leftover bread, put one or two teaspoon of herbs like oregano or rosemary. You can also add a ground almonds for extra protein.

4. Practice portion control
Use your own plate so you can control your portion. Keep a visual of your portion and try to pick a food based from that standard. For example one serving of meat should be no bigger than a deck of cards and one serving od of bread is about the size of a cassette tape.

5. PrepareĀ  your food
The most common reason to buy fast food is because you don’t have time to cook your meal. But if you prepare and cook your own food, it will be better for your health and surely will cheaper than fast food. So try to wake up earlier and cook your meal.

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