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Burn Your Calories at Work

Busy at work and going to the office doesn’t mean that you can’t do any exercise to keep your body slim and healthy. There are several things to do at your office that keep your body moving instead of sitting all day long. Here are 3 simple ways to bur calories at work:

1. Stand up
Instead of sitting whole day on your cubicle, stand up for 5 minutes every hout to stretch, shuffle paper, or walk around the office. You can burn 120 calories in an 8 hours workday.

2. Take the stairs
Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Try to walking up three storeys and then going back to your desk every 2 hours. You can add it up and it could helps you to live longer.

3. Take a lunchtime stroll
You can burn about 5 calories when walking the length of city block. Walk around the block three times everyday and you’ll burn 300 extra calories a week.

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