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Alcohol Causes More Deaths Than AIDS

Here is another reason why you should avoid consuming alcohol. The World Health Organization’s Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health reported that alcohol is responsible for 2.5 million deaths around the globe each year, or approximately near 4% of deaths worldwide caused by alcohol related incidents and diseases. This is also means that alcohol caused more deaths than AIDS, Tubercolosis, and violences.

According to this report, alcohol can leads to 60 types of diseases and injuries, ranging from cirrhosis of the liver and epilepsy to cancer and traffic accidents. It can also caused some social problems like child neglect and abuse and also absenteeism in the workplace. The number of this risk is 6.2% for men in ages 15 to 59 and only 1.1% percent in women.

The report also showed that:
– In 2005, the average person of 15 years and older drank 6.3 litres alcohol
– Almost 29% of the alcohol consumed is homemade
– More than 11% of drinkers are engage in binge drinking
– Countries with large Muslim populations consume the least alcohol
– Survey shows that when alcohol taxes increase, the drinking rates decrease

source: Health

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