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9 Tips For Healthy Diet

Dieting does not mean drastically reducing your portion. Because an unbalanced diet will only endanger your health. All you have to do is try to take this 9 simple rules of dieting and you will get used of eating correctly.
Geniusbeauty wrote about this 9 rules for healthy dieting:

1. Do not let hunger
You should endure your hunger no more than 20 minutes, that’s because if you are very hungry you will eat a lot more than your usual portion. Recommended interval between meals is no more than 5 hours. And don’t forget to drink a glass of yoghurt or an apple to help your metabolism and also cut calories consumption.

2. Mix and match your food menu
You cannot mix some produk with another product because it can cause flatulence. For example you can’t eat grapes, cabbage, and milk during one meal because the will intensify the fermentation process in your intestines. You also can’t eat sour product with milk because it will cause a stomachache. The combination of fats and carbohydrates can increase your weight because they will turn into fat.
Otherwise, you must add some kind of fruits such as pomegranate, grapefruit, cowberries, or shaddock that has acidity into your main course of meat and vegetable because it can helps your digestion.

3. Chew your food properly
Because it will be much easier to your stomach to digest the well-chewed food. And if you eat slowly you will have less chances to gain weight. So you will never eat extra food and will not gain extra calories.

4. Use small plate
If you use smaller plate such as dessert plate, you can’t put a large amount of food, and you will find that this portion is enough. If you eat using a dessert plate you will eat 20% less than your usual portion.

5. Do not relieve your stress by eating
If you are stress, you can’t choose healthy food and eat unhealthy food such as chocolate or creamy cake. This is because your hydrocortisone motivates you to do this. You should try to manage your stress in a healthy way.

6. Do not watch TV while eating
It is important to concentrate on your meal so you have to turn off the TV and close your magazine until you finish your meal. Anything that can distract you from your food will make you eat more than you need. The signal of your body to stop eating is your food become practically tasteless.

7. Choose the right dessert
It is better to avoid dessert at all but you still can’t refuse it try to postpone eating dessert after 1 hour of your main course. And your better should be fruits. Fruits should be eaten before 6 pm because they will give energy before this time and cause excessive fermentation after this time.

8. Stop eating when full

You must learn to know if you are full because some people keep chewing something even when they are full, and other people do not eat anything for the whole day but turn to eat so much when eating. So always remember the rule that you have to leave the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

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