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6 Foods That Weakens Your Bone

You need to get sufficient calcium so your bone’s ability to regrow will stay perfect. You might not aware that your diet also play a role to weaken your bone’s strength. Health MSN wrote top 6 food that saps your bone’s strength:

1. Salt
Salt suck calcium from your bones and your bones will be weaker and weaker. To cut salt consumption you must reduce your precessed foods consumption because they are rich in salt. This is include processed meats, frozen meals, canned soup, pizza, fast food, and canned vegetables.

2. Soft drinks
Carbonated drinks contains phosporic acids which increase calcium rate excreted in the urine. They also satisfy your thirst without providing any nutrients. Replace cola with milk or orange juice or fruit smoothie made with yogurt.

3. Caffeine
Although not as bad as salt, caffeine also sap calcium from bones. It can be a problem if you constantly consuming caffeine. Try to limit your intake to one or two cups of coffee in the morning.

4. Vitamin A
Research proved that you can get too much of a good thing, Vitamin A. Vit.A is important for vision and the immune system. But American diet is naturally high in vitamin A, even too much. You can switch low fat or non fat dairy products only. You can eat egg whites rather than whole eggs, because all of the vitamin A is in the yolk. If your multivitamin is high in vitamin A, then switch to one that isn’t.

5. Alcohol
Alcohol is a calcium blocker. It prevents the calcium you eat from being absorbed. Heavy drinking disrupts the bone remodelling process by preventing osteoblast (the bone building cells) from doing their job. The recommended amount of alcohol intake is one drink a day from all kind of alcoholic beverages.

6. Hydrogenated oils
Studies shows that the process of hydrogenation (turning liquid vegetable oil into solid oil) destroys the vitamin K that naturally found in oil. Vitamin K is important for your strong bone. So, bake your cake with canola oil and avoid hydrogenated oil.

Thanks for taking the time of your day to benefit your health.

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