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5 Minutes Yoga For Better Sex

Kristin McGee wrote on Health about this 5 minutes yoga movement for better sex. You could practice this 5 yoga position at home and have more fun in bed!

This movement encourages your blood to flow on your lower body and opens up the hips, thighs, and pelvis. And this will also strengthens pelvic-floor muscles for deeper and better orgasm. In the long term it will boost your libido.

1. Stand with feet wide apart and turn out 45 degrees. Squat, push your hip back and let the knees come directly over toes. Bring hands to prayer position and take five long and deep breaths.

2. Rise up and turn your feet to the right, lower into a lunge with right knee forward, keep knee behind toes while doing this. Drop left knee to the floor, bringing left hand out to side. Press right hand gently against inner right knee. Put weight on left hand and gently arch back. Take five long and deep breaths.

3. Straighten torso. Lift left knee and rise up as you turn your feet back out and lower back into squat with hands in prayer position. Take five deep breath.

4. Repeat position 2 with the opposite direction.

5. Return to squat. Come to all fours on forearm with knees out to sides and bent 90 degrees, insides of lower legs on floor, and feet flexed with heels directly behind knees. Take five deep breaths. Then carefully lift yourself up and bring knees together under you to come to kneeling. Close your eyes.

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