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Symptoms of Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Pressure or Hypotention as written in has several classic and easily recognized symptoms.
The blood pressure that highly associated with blood pressure is 90/60, but this may varies for person to person.

Some of classic symptoms to recognize low blood pressure are:
1. Dizziness. This feeling is like you are standing on a rocking boat.
2. Fainting
3. Changes in mental status like difficulty concentrating, confusion, or anxiety.
4. Changes in breathing pattern. Your breath will be fast and shallow breathing.
5. Nausea or some feeling that you are going to throw up.
6. Suddenly feeling cold or clammy, or your face will suddenly be pale.

If these sypmtoms appears, then you have to visit the doctor immediately before your blood pressure is getting worse. Thanks for reading this website and be sure to visit’s homepage often for tips on your health.

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